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B-litter has born on 28.8.2010. Three boys and three girls.

Damirazin Taikatähti
"Vesta" Birth: 7.7.2003
Hips: B/B
Eyes: OK (without gonioscopy) 2005/2006/2008/2009/2012/2014
Pedigree & show results
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Tähekiir White Idol of Captain Cool
"Aiku" Birth: 19.4.2009
Hips: C/C Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: OK (28.6.2010)
Aiku in EKU
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B-litter of Maailmankorven.

Vesta and Aiku met each other in Tallinn on June 28th and 29th. We hope puppies to have nice smiling faces, rich coats and adorable temperaments just like their parents.

Maailmankorven Be Your Own Idol "Aslak"

Maailmankorven Best Of Magic Stars "Nalle"

Maailmankorven Blue Frank "Frank"

Maailmankorven Biscuit Dream "Siri"

Maailmankorven Brave Vestal Virgin "Manta"

Maailmankorven Bulletproof Vesta "Tupsu"

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