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Maailmankorven Aamusta Valkea

Birth: October 20, 2008
Hips: ?
Eyes: Distichiasis (11.4.2013)
Owner: Marjukka and Kari Mattsson

Mitro 14 months

Mitro is like a copy of his father Halti. Mitro had problems with his other testicle at first, but finally everything got normal.
Mitro is very happy and playful young male with excellent pigmentation, nice smily face and little ears.
We hope to have Mitro to some dog shows in the future.

Mitro 8 months

Mitro with his almost black friend

Mitro 3 months

Mitro 3 months

Mitro 6 weeks

Mitro 4 weeks

Mitro 3 weeks

Mitro 3 weeks

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