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Maailmankorven Aamuöinen Ihme

October 20, 2008 - July 25, 2011
Hips: A/A
Eyes: clear (11.11.2009)

Nala was our first own bred bitch. It was really nice to see her growing. Her health results were wonderful. She was shown only in a few beauty competitions because of her broken tail. Her childhood was full of accidents. First she broke her toe and then the tail which didn't totally heal and it never was set nicely on her back. We lost Nala at the age of two and half years. She ate a dog toy and it got stuck in her intestine. Because of bad infection she couldn't survive from operation we had to have in Croatia during our summer trip. Nala had nice face and pigmentation. She was very joyfull. She was with us in Austria in autumm 2009 and earned junior certificate and a title Austrian junior bundessieger 2009. Nala had also one adult certificate from Austria and Hungary. Nala is the mother of our C-litter.

Nala in KoiraNet

Painted by an artist couple in Albena, Bulgaria on July 2011.

Nala in Oberwart, Austria. She earned an Austrian certificate by winning open class.

Nala 14 weeks with broken toe

Nala 6 weeks

Nala 4 weeks

Nala 3 weeks

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