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Damirazin Taikatähti

Champion of: Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria
Veteran champion of: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Baltia

Birth: July 7, 2003
Breeder: Eija Tuominen
Hips: B/B
Eyes: clear (without gonioscopy)

Vesta is our old bitch who knows her value in our family and keeps our pack together with her strong temperament. Vesta is a beauty champion of several countries and international champion that she gained as early as at eight years old. She has also two certificates from Finland and three from Croatia and one from Austria and Hungary. She is the mother of our A and B litters. More information on Breeding page. Vesta had a vet examination due to her age on July 2015 and we are proud to inform that nothing was found.

Vesta in KoiraNet

Painted by an artist couple in Albena, Bulgaria on July 2011.

© Maailmankorven